League 2019 - 2020

League 2019 - 2020

League is starting on the 14th of October. The schedules for each group are up on the website with the contact details.

All pre Christmas matches need to be arranged between Team Captains by the 31st October and all post Christmas matches need to arranged between Team Captains by the 31st January.

Captains are asked to use email while arranging their dates for matches and to copy in the League Secretary on same. By doing this should ensure that the League Secretary can see that all teams are carrying out their fixtures and working with the availability of dates set out by each team. Her contact details are gcbaleaguesec@gmail.com and her mobile number is 087 249 6623.

This year again badminton Ireland numbers need to be entered on all match sheets. There is a sample completed match sheet on the website.

The home team gives two dates for a match. If neither date is agreeable the League Secretary sets a date and venue for the match to be played. Games can be played before the scheduled dates with the agreement of both teams.

Score sheets need to be sent to the league secretary within five days of the match being played either by post or email. All match sheets being posted/emailed should indicate which club is submitting them.

If there are any problems fixing fixtures please contact the league secretary immediately.

Please click here to see the latest results on tournament software.

Please click on the grades to find the fixtures for the league this season.


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